Enduro® technology is one of the 5 brands of Tradekar Benelux BV. Besides the manoeuvring systems of Enduro®, Tradekar also develops bike carriers for the brands Spinder® bike carriers and Pro-User® bike carriers, caravan- and car accessories for Pro-User® electronics and protection covers for Cover It.

We started with the development of a caravan manoeuvring system at the end of 2005, which was introduced to the market in the year 2007. Manoeuvring systems were only available to a select group of caravan-owners at that time. Partly because of Enduro® technology, the market has been broken open and a manoeuvring system has become almost common property to the caravan-owner!

All Enduro® products are developed by Tradekar in collaboration with our German partner, EAL GmbH. Therefore we can offer good quality combined with a competitive price! Partly due to the success and continuously growing market share we have opened a new factory which provides enough space to grow and develop new products in April 2012. This factory is equipped with most modern production facilities. All Enduro® fully automatic manoeuvring systems, semi automatic manoeuvring systems and accessories has been developed by ourselves on which we have European patents on multiple (sub) products.