Enduro® technology

Place your caravan without unnecessary effort with the fully automatic- or semi automatic manoeuvring systems in combination with the lithium-ion battery.

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  • Fully automatic manoeuvring systems
    Move a caravan (or trailer) easy and fast without unnecessary effort, by only using a remote control.

  • Semi automatic manoeuvring systems
    After manually installed the manoeuvring system onto the tire, easy and fast move the caravan (or trailer) by using a remote control. 

  • A-frame bike carrier
    A-frame bike carrier for the BC260. With easy folding system!

  • Automatic corner steadies
    By using these motorized corner steadies you can screw in and out the corner steadies without unnecessary exertion.

  • Lithium-ion battery
    This lightweight battery enables up to 30 minutes of manoeuvring without interim charging is needed. 

  • Universal battery charger
    For safe and fast charging gel- or lead acid batteries. Ideal for permanent installation in caravan, mobile home or boat.

  • 12V battery tester
    Ideal for permanent installation and connection to the battery by supplied O-rings for testing lead acid-, AGM and gel batteries.