• Battery tester BT1201
  • Battery tester BT1201
Technical specifications
Voltage range
8-16 Volt
Maximum current consumption
Battery type
lead acid, AGM, gel
Dimensions approx.
6 x 5 x 2 cm
Weight approx.
50 grams

Battery tester

12V battery tester for the testing of lead acid, AGM, or gel batteries.

  • Ideal for a fixed installation in caravan, motor home or boat
  • Display with 4 LEDs
  • Including O-rings for a permanent connection to the battery terminals
  • Fixation of the battery tester by double-sided tape
  • Battery tester is only activated by pressing the test button, so no current leakage
More information about the battery tester, please download the product sheet below.

This battery tester can be used with the Lithium-ion battery of Enduro® technology. For charging the battery, Enduro® offers a battery charger.

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