• Universal battery charger
  • Universal battery charger
Technical specifications
230VAC, 135W max. - 50/60Hz
12V DC, 7A DC (10,3A RMS)
Battery capacity (recharged battery)
12V DC, 14Ah-230Ah
Dimensions approx.
20,5 x 9,5 x 5 cm
Weight approx.
0,75 kg

Universal battery charger

Universal battery charger for safe, fast and automatic charging of a gel or lead-acid battery.


  • Microprocessor-based technology
  • Incl. battery pole clamps and ring terminals for permanent connection to the battery
  • Ideal for permanent installation in caravan, mobile home or boat
  • Silent operation, no fan
  • 9-step automatic charging cycle
  • LED indicator for charging status, power and wrong connection
  • Electronic protection against wrong polarity and overload
You can download the product sheet below for more information about the universal battery charger. 

To check your battery, Enduro® offers also a battery tester.

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