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  • EM305
Technical specifications
Supply voltage
12 Volt DC
Average current consumption
30 Ampère
Max. current consumption
120 Ampère
Speed approx.
11 cm/sec.
Weight approx.
33 kg (excl. battery)
Max. total weight with:
- single axle
2000 kg
1750 kg at 18% slope
- double axle (2 motors)
2000 kg
1750 kg at 18% slope
- double axle (4 motors)
3000 kg
2350 kg at 18% slope
coated steel + aluminium

Fully automatic manoeuvring system EM305

Powerful fully automatic manoeuvring system with a modern and splashproof case for caravans up to 3000kg (with 4 motors).

  • Fully automatic manoeuvring system: easily engage and disengage the drive rollers to and from the tires by remote control
  • Including soft start/stop technology for accurate and shockproof manoeuvring
  • Solid aluminium drive rollers
  • Splashproof housing
  • Error messages are shown by LED’s on the control box and remote control
  • Very user-friendly remote control with soft grip and buttons that are easy to operate
  • Also suitable for use on twin axle caravans: 2 or 4 motors
For more information about manoeuvring system EM305 you can download the product sheet below.

This manoeuvring system is also available as a semi automatic manoeuvring system, with which the manoeuvring system is installed onto the tire manually with the supplied crank.

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