Enduro mover EM515FL

Enduro mover EM515FL

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Enduro mover EM515FL

Faster, more powerful and more compact!

Meet the EM515FL.

This new manouevring system is the successor to the EM505FL. The same modern look but equipped with new specifications.

The EM515FL is suitable for caravans up to 2300 kg at a slope of 18% and is equipped with larger drive rollers (70 mm, this was 55 mm) creating more grip/tire contact.

Of course, the EM515FL is also equipped with a splash and corrosion-resistant sealed housing. The remote control, equipped with soft start/stop technology, connects the drive rollers on and off the tyre.

The remote control (with AAA battery) has a soft grip and easy-to-use buttons, and includes a leveling module that shows whether the caravan is level.

The control box and remote control show error messages via LEDs.

Finding level function for simple levelling of your caravan (in combination with AutoSteady art. no. 91668/91669).

Specifications for the

Enduro mover EM515FL

Voltage 12V DC
Average power consumption 40A
Maximum power consumption 150 Ampère
Guarantee 5 year
Material Aluminium + coated steel
Weight approx. 33 kg (zonder accu)
Total weight single axle 2300 kg bij een 18% helling
Total weight double axle 3500 kg bij een 18% helling
Speed approx. Ca. 16 cm/sec